(Photo by Amanda Wright)

(Photo by Amanda Wright)


I'm a Texas-based freelance journalist covering science, health, marginalized communities, consumer culture and cities.

My work has been published by The New York Times, Popular Science, Medium, Smithsonian, Pacific Standard, BBC Future, Racked, Teen Vogue, CityLab, Rewire and Vice. I've written about everything from open records laws and education to the concept of beauty sleep and why flag clothing is controversial. I’m an occasional fact checker for outlets like Latino USA.

I’ve also written about personal finance, student loan debt, beauty, health and wellness for branded content and content marketing clients.

Previously, I worked in corporate communications; was a reporter and editor at The Dallas Morning News focusing on local government, schools, nonprofits and people doing interesting things; and, before that, worked at a small-town newspaper doing just about everything.

(It’s pronounced who-lee-sa.)